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Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist and School psychologist, Dr. Kelly Johnson specializes in therapy and testing with children, adolescents and families, as well as adults. Therapeutic approaches focus on equipping clients with strategies and tools to explore relationships and improve the quality of their lives. 


Dr. Johnson assists clients from a psychodynamic standpoint and relies on an

eclectic repertoire of tools including cognitive behavioral strategies, stress

management, anger management, and relational therapy. Clients include those

with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, anger management issues, school

issues, attentional challenges, executive functioning deficits, significant

losses, and phase of life challenges.


Full comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological evaluations are

available for those with mental health concerns, attentional challenges, executive

functioning deficits, learning disorders, and brain trauma. The aim is to aid clients

to their highest level of functioning.


Dr. Johnson also provides testing for gifted students such as children being

considered for placement in special schools, classes, or programming.

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